Quickly craft and share persuasive stories, each appealing to a different client segment, without changing your website

Share your story by connecting up to 30 pieces of online digital content with just 1 link
Craft stories showing where and how your business adds value in relevant and unique ways
Build trust relevant to each specific segment to make it faster to get the first sale
Show why you are unique in ways that are different and matter to each segment
Show the steps in your value chain to demonstrate your authenticity and justify your pricing
Easily create different stories relevant to different client segments

Life-Threads enables you to link content, tailor your message to the specific needs and interests of each audience, and deliver it in an engaging and effective way.

Have a space where you can align each client segment’s needs with solutions your business is able to offer
No website? No problem. Connect to social media, videos, testimonials, reviews, and contact details
Our algorithm instantly links your business needs to communication priorities by accessing over 1,200 strategies
Get started fast with a checklist you can customize for your needs. Have your first Life-Thread ready to share within 1 hour
Identify your business’ strengths. Link each strength to client needs and specific products or services you offer as a solution
Keep improving as you develop new content. Add to your Life-Thread or make changes in seconds when you wish to do so

Show what you do

Talk about what makes you valuable and unique. Appeal to different segments

Be relevant to client needs

Let your clients talk about how you assisted them. Show proof of happy clients

Start building relationships

Be contactable and build your brand in case clients are not ready to buy now

Create a Life-Thread in an hour! Start with our checklist.

Consult our algorithm with over 1,200 strategies

Show what you do

Talk about the different services you could deliver

Build trust to lower risk

Show proof of your work and provide evidence of happy clients

Start building relationships

Build brand value and become more accessible to prospects
Start Fast

Start with Our Checklist

Tired of starting on a blank page, yet again?
Access a pre-built framework you can customize if you wish.
So you can start sooner. So you can achieve your goals faster.

Our pre-built checklist helps you get your first Life-Thread out within an hour if you have existing content to link to.

Get Direction

Consult our Algorithm

Our algorithm provides an easier way to convert your unique business situation to communication priorities. Have a route map for the communication areas you will focus on. You get up to 30 links per Life-Thread to say it.

Over 1,200 strategies are considered for you instantly.

Start fast!

Even if you have no website

Need a launchpad to share your message? Need a place to share your message with your Team during message development?

Start the process with content stored digitally. These could be articles on a website blog, social media posts, photos, reviews, certificates, or location details and much more.

Instantly have your Life-Thread appear on any of these locations

Improve your Life-Threads over time

Show Value

Build Trust


Be Creative

Map the road you see ahead even if the content does not exist yet.

Start with what you have, but plan ahead, even if the content does not exist yet. Make improvements immediately, whenever you wish. Because we know that you need to start fast but will want to keep improving continuously.

Have the ability to shape your story as you add more detail over time.

So you are not waiting for everything to be perfect, from a content perspective, before you start. So you can start to influence clients, but still, keep improving. Find new ways to show value and build trust, especially for a newer business.

Be unique in ways your competitors may not have considered.

Justify your price by highlighting relevant value. Target clients by relevant value segments. Build trust by addressing relevant concerns. Highlight information most relevant to them to grow their perceptions of your trustworthiness.

Identify what your strengths are as a business. Customize where necessary.

Want to identify and list the current strengths of your business fast? We supply a comprehensive list you can add to so you can get the initial thinking for your Life-Threads started.

Link key aspects of your communication together to be more persuasive.

Select a concern that your business can address to add value for clients from a list of 33 concerns. Connect a concern to solutions, along with Proof Points as a backup to be more credible.

Our workspace allows you to save your sales and related brand-building messages.

Connect your messages to your defined segments, products/services, strengths, and desired communication channels. Use this as a workspace to create and export your thinking.

Get 10 Life-Threads with each subscription.

Connect to up to 30 different links with each Life-Thread.

Tailor each Life-Thread to different client segments targeted by your business.