Winning Hearts and Minds TO Sell Your SERVICE or PRODUCT


Make it easier to find a relevant solution

Prospective clients appreciate information relevant to their situation. To address the challenges they face.

The solution needed may involve bundling relevant products and services, rather than everything you can offer.

Tell a story that conveys your unique value

Tell a story about how other clients used your products and services to solve one or more challenges they faced.

Besides showing value and building trust, you may help address other challenges that are unsolved.

Show some history for proof and context

Clients will want to know more about your background if they are unfamiliar with your brand or what you have achieved.

This may be to prove quality and build trust. A unique history may also provide a valuable point of differentiation.

Show experiences you can, or have, provided

Share what your clients say about their experience with your service as it specifically relates to the solution you are providing.

Or, talk about the unique, relevant experience they will have when doing business with you to demonstrate your value.



Show your Life-Thread at any of these locations

USE CASES FOR your Life-Threads

Enable prospective clients to see your entire sales appeal with one link
Make it easier for prospective clients to understand why they should do business with you.
Access the best features of each digital platform from one link
If you do not wish to be bound by using one digital platform only. Make your appeal, and not the platform the hero.
Update your message on the go
If you need to add recent information with new links and do not wish to wish to make these changes on your website constantly.
Allow exclusive previews with one link
Some of your offerings may not be for broad public consumption due to pricing or limited market size and may change often.
Show what’s involved in how a product is manufactured if you need to be differentiated.
It helps show unique features and processes that competitors may be unable, or unwilling, to offer.
It allows you to introduce new salient attributes in the decision-making process that competitors cannot match.
Show the steps involved in how a service is delivered to clients.
This helps remove uncertainty so it is easier to attract new clients for their first experience with your business.
It helps show why your process is unique if aspects of the experience you offer cannot be matched by competitors.
Tell a story that shows why you charge a premium for your products or services.
Show how it is crafted on a custom basis to be unique.
Show why it will meet the prospective client’s exact needs, so they know their investment will be personally rewarding.
Make a case for a specific client segment to buy your services.
Tailor your appeal to that specific segment’s needs and wants.
Include everything the segment will need to know without them wasting their time looking for it.
Detail the history of your business.
If it helps you build the necessary credibility to be trusted and charge a premium.
Link to a variety of “proof points”.
To provide evidence to back up your claims about your product or service.
Show how you assisted a community in a way that fits your brand.
This may be a key element to building brand credibility.
Use the links to tell a story using relevant digital content from several sources so it does not seem contrived.
Link up to a variety of review sources to boost your credibility.
Why limit yourself to one review location should you wish to make your reviews more genuine?
As review locations become varied across categories and geographic locations, it pays to include several sources to grow your credibility.
Reassure clients by showing the value chain involved in sourcing your products and services.
This may be used to prove quality or to display ethical sourcing.
It could also manage concerns from a safety perspective.
Talk about a memorable, customized experience that formed part of a service.
This may also be an experience that accompanies your product.
Detail each part of the experience with links to different locations, photos, or reviews.



Share your story by connecting up to 30 pieces of online digital content with just 1 link
Craft stories showing where and how your business adds value in relevant and unique ways
Build trust relevant to each specific segment to make it faster to get the first sale
Show why you are unique in ways that are different and matter to each segment
Show the steps in your value chain to demonstrate your authenticity and justify your pricing
Easily create different stories relevant to different client segments


A Life-Thread makes it easier for prospective clients to understand the value you offer and why you should be trusted.

A Life-Thread helps you change the game. If you play by the same rules as your competitors, your message can get lost in the clutter.

Prospective clients have a limited attention span

It can be frustrating when a prospective client is expected to read through a sea of social media posts to get an idea of your solutions if your website doesn’t do so. So they won’t, and all the time you have taken to create posts may be wasted.

Connecting content relating to relevant products and services, stories, history, and credibility, as well as experiences – in just one link is essential. It makes it easier to show your value to a prospective client.

Your strategy must connect the pieces to be relevant

Artificial Intelligence tools have made it easier to create content faster for social media posts and your website (if you have one).

But, what should that content be? To provide the most compelling argument to persuade that client? By segment. Much of the content businesses have created, especially on social media is unlikely to be read, and may be a wasted effort, unless it is connected in coherent, relevant threads.

Making certain attributes salient is important

What should someone buying from your category focus on? Can you highlight criteria where you excel?

Focusing on service or product attributes that are currently not salient can be quite useful. Especially if you do it well and competitors may not have even considered it. Focusing on these attributes can also lead prospective clients to overestimate their importance. Especially when compared to other criteria when making decisions.

Limited time requires you have the right toolbox

What do you do when you do not have all your content ready yet, but still wish to proceed?

You likely have limited content. Or content in dispersed locations. This needs to be connected to make sense to a specific client segment. Especially concerning a particular solution. It also helps if you can map the road ahead, even if the content does not exist yet while starting with what you have.


Show what you do

Talk about what makes you valuable and unique. Appeal to different segments

Be more relevant to clients

Let your clients talk about how you assisted them. Show proof of happy clients

Build your credibility

Be contactable and build your brand in case clients are not ready to buy now

Target different pain points

Talk about the different services you could deliver

Build trust to lower risk

Show proof of your work and provide evidence of happy clients

Start building relationships

Build brand value and become more accessible to prospects

Save Time and Effort

Tailor Your Message to Different Audiences Without Website Changes



No website? No problem. Connect to social media, videos, photos, testimonials, reviews, and contact details
In a hurry? Get started fast with a checklist you can customize for your needs. Your first Life-Thread can be ready to share in 1 hour
Identify your business’ strengths using our list or add your list. Link each strength to client needs and specific products or services you offer as a solution that is valued and may be unique
Store the titles and locations of your content so you can access them easily when building your Life-Thread. We understand that the awesome post you wrote last year needs to be found.
Get ideas on pain points and opportunities to use as communication opportunities for your clients. We provide a researched list to consider
Access a list of Emotions so you can associate your content with the emotions you wish to create among clients. This is useful when writing an AI prompt



Not sure? Our algorithm instantly links your business needs to communication priorities by accessing over 1,200 strategies
Match your communication priorities from the Needs Analysis algorithm with ideal headings to use in your Life-Thread

Improve your Life-Threads over time

Map the road ahead even if the content does not exist yet

Start with the content you have, but include topics to cover, even if the content must be created. Activate the topic LINK IN YOUR LIFE-THREAD when your content becomes available

Have a space where you can align each client segment’s needs with solutions your business is able to offer
Keep improving as you develop new content. Add to your Life-Thread or make changes in seconds when you wish to do so
Create a list of Services and Products for identifying needs or solutions your business can address now or in the future
Create a list of current or prospective client Segments that can be addressed by different Life-Threads now or in the future
Have the ability to shape your story detail over time as you get new information, new ideas, or new content
Be unique in ways your competitors may not have considered so you can compete more effectively