Be more certain that your communications investment will contribute to sales growth

  • Do you currently have a way to run a quick, online Communications Health Check to ensure that your communications tasks align with your business’ needs?
  • Most marketers think they have this challenge solved, but do not realize that they’re off target, thereby wasting time and money by prioritizing the wrong communications tasks.
  • Access the Communications Task Profiler to easily convert your business needs into communications tasks.
  • Read about how our clients are using the Communications Task Profiler as a quick checklist to identify which communications tasks to focus on.

Discover pricing strategies to help you grow the full value of each sale more often

  • Sometimes it is obvious that a pricing strategy needs to be developed, especially when a new product or service is offered. Most of the time however pricing strategy issues manifest themselves in a variety of ways that result in you achieving low margins in your business.
  • We assist clients to work on their pricing strategies by interacting with them on a variety of levels. If you have identified a specific pricing issue that requires resolution, we will help you to address this.
  • Alternatively we can engage with you through a pricing workshop where we can work through a variety of issues at a high level. This will help you better identify opportunities where pricing strategy would benefit your business.

Align brand strategies with your marketing mix so they contribute to sales growth

  • Effective segmentation strategies, distribution channel strategies and pricing strategies often rely on effective brand strategy.
  • It has been our experience that brand communications objectives that are used to execute a brand strategy are inadequate. We help you address this issue by ensuring that you align these objectives with the reality of your business requirements.
  • We have also found that pricing strategies fail due to inadequate integration with an appropriate communications strategy.
  • We assist you to ensure that alignment with your brand strategy takes place in the most effective manner possible. Since we are not an ad agency, or aligned with an ad agency, we are in the most impartial position to do this most effectively.

Targeting strategies to identify your best sales prospects for contributing to growth with less risk

  • Better targeting helps you customise your approaches, whether it be to sell more or spend less on achieving a particular marketing result.
  • We help you develop segmentation methodologies, irrespective of whether you have behavioural data – such as sales data – or not.
  • Our approach is typically based on linking our findings to practical implementation within your business, whether it be around sales growth, greater marketing efficiency or some other purpose.
  • To this end, we will use our experience as strategists to help you roll out the findings to practically implement it within your business.