Leverage 24 communications opportunities to sell more

Missed communications opportunities are like an iceberg

Missed communications opportunities are like an iceberg

Most of an iceberg is below the water. Invisible to the eye. It can sink you!

Similarly, most people do not know that there are 24 communications opportunities. Chances to grow your brand. To sell more. To get an advantage over your competitors. If you do not consider all of them, they may sink your communications campaign. Or cause it to underperform.

Typically, people focus on the 7 opportunities that they are most familiar with and ignore the rest. That is because working out which of the 24 is a priority is complicated. But overspending in some areas and ignoring other opportunities is not ideal.

So then what do you do to address this issue?

We have a process and an algorithm to help you prioritize these opportunities. Fast and online. Irrespective of the business you are in.

Is your solution accurate when the problem is complex?

How do you identify the communications opportunities to prioritize?

It depends. On a variety of factors such as whether you are selling a product or service, or developing a brand at the business level.

You also need to factor in awareness levels, reputation, levels of competitiveness, product/service complexity, and perceived risk of purchase. And that’s just the start of the process that takes about an hour to complete when and where it suits you.

We have a series of Yes/No questions that you can go through online. They customize automatically, based on your previous responses, to save you time and get more detail.

Your responses are run through an algorithm. You get to see what you should prioritize. Instantly. There are also explanations included – just in case you need to know more.

Access The Communications Profiler

Available to use anytime you need it.

Identify priority communications opportunities. Fast.

Intelligence built-in

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Ask the right questions. Checks your options. Identifies priorities.

Identify potential communications channels

Since you need to take those communications opportunities and execute them.


Understanding your current situation

A detailed series of about 50 Yes/No questions is customized for your situation to understand exactly what your brand is facing.

Your challenges are run against 1,200 potential strategies

We link your challenges to 24 potential areas of communications leverage. To do this, we access about 1,200 strategies to see what matters most.

We identify priority areas of communications leverage

We identify which of the 24 areas of opportunity will be most beneficial for you to pursue.

You target what matters most to you

The priority areas for you to leverage are identified. Each one is also explained to you. You also get to see priority communications channels you might wish to consider for your situation.

Need an easier way to build brand trust?

How do you build brand trust?

Brands that are trusted get more sales. But, what are your options to build trust with prospective and current clients?

Most of the time, you start by covering the obvious issues pertaining to your category and your brand. That’s easy.

But then what do you do? It’s often more challenging to find something relevant to discuss in your communications beyond that point.

You may need a game-changer. One that introduces ideas you had not thought of. One that is based on research.

You can now develop a trust-building framework, online and fast!

That way, you can identify and implement potential trust-building opportunities. To enhance perceptions of your brand. To grow sales.

Trust-building needs structure to be effective

How should a trust-building framework assist with your communications strategy?

It should give you new ideas. But it should allow you to customize these ideas for your circumstances. The process should be easy – with many checklists to help you along. Things like:

  • Segments to target to aim specific trust-building measures at those who value them most.
  • Emotions you wish to create since brands built with emotional benefits are more difficult to imitate.
  • A plan to make your argument more credible.

Finally, it needs to focus on what matters. So that you do not need to summarize these thoughts at a later stage.

That way, you can transfer your ideas into effective communications. Faster and with less effort.

Access The Brand Trust Builder

Available to use anytime you need it.

Useful when you need to come up with new ideas.

Intelligence built-in

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Pull together the essential details for trusted communications

Ideas on demand

Pre-built checklists and processes.

To make your task easier, faster, insightful and more comprehensive

No trust. No sale.

Brands that are trusted are often loved. They have proved they are different and therefore have fewer perceived competitors. As a result, they get to charge a price premium.

The Brand Trust Builder helps you link trust-related concerns with solutions you can incorporate into your communications with prospective and current clients.

Access Brand Trust Triggers

Access a researched list of what people are most concerned about. Then plan a response that shows you care.

Build Brand Trust by client segment

Segments vary by what concerns them most. Develop segmented brand trust strategies to be relevant and build trust faster.

Plan Brand Trust communications easily

You need people to know why you can be trusted. We help you identify key talking points. To say what matters most with less effort.

Plugs into your communications strategy

Structured in a way that helps you drop these ideas into whatever communication you are planning. Speak less but say more!