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Examples of Communications Tasks

Examples of Communications Tasks

Increase understanding

Fairly soon you will realise that you are either making sales, or not making sales for particular reasons that relate to understanding your product, service or brand.
Some messages may have got through easily while others may take more time to get across.

For instance, you may find that people say you are too expensive when not understanding all you have to offer.
Alternatively, they may be purchasing on the basis of benefits you do not offer and then post negative reviews.

You will need to address these issues so as to foster a better understanding of specific product, service or brand attributes.
You may also have to perform this exercise on this basis of specific segments that you are targeting.
Some segments may take longer to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Use this process to review how you communicate your value proposition in terms of it being easy to understand.
Also consider how to use different media channels to get a specific point across if prospective customers are having difficulty understanding your communications.
For instance, do you need a video to get your point across or does it require a detailed written explanation in the case of an industrial product?

Examples of situations that might result in a specific concern



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