Targeting strategies to identify your best sales prospects for contributing to growth with less risk

  • Better targeting helps you customise your approaches, whether it be to sell more or spend less on achieving a particular marketing result.
  • We help you develop segmentation methodologies, irrespective of whether you have behavioural data – such as sales data – or not.
  • Our approach is typically based on linking our findings to practical implementation within your business, whether it be around sales growth, greater marketing efficiency or some other purpose.
  • To this end, we will use our experience as strategists to help you roll out the findings to practically implement it within your business.
Segmentation where no behavioural data exists

Segmentation where no behavioural data exists

We have a library of segmentation methodologies that will span various parts of a business.
If you need to start applying segmentation but lack the behavioural data we can help you do this fairly quickly.
Segmentation using behavioural data

Segmentation using behavioural data

We identify segments and behaviour of those who buy the most, are the most profitable or are the most responsive to particular offers.
Grow revenues or boost efficiency through better targeted efforts to change behaviour.
Segment Business Viability Review

Segment Business Viability Review

We use your sales or behavioural data to identify segments based on specific criteria.
We can then assist you to better understand the approaches required to make specific segments viable to do business with.
Developing predictive models

Developing predictive models

Used for a variety of purposes, such as identifying those variables having the greatest influence over an outcome that may be revenue or profitability related.
We help you align your strategy with these models' outputs to achieve better results.

Does it make sense?

Our experience in analytics, communications strategy and pricing strategy for Retail, FMCG, B2B, services and durable goods clients, across 70+ global and local brands adds perspective to your task at hand.

Is it safe to try this?

Our experience can assist in highlighting challenges you may face in implementing a proposed strategy.

We can often highlight the best place to start to manage risk, including data and skills that are essential for success.

Insights from the team.

Some of our deliverables are strongly workshop-based to ensure that the collective knowledge of your team is tapped. It also helps allay concerns that require addressing so that buy-in happens more easily.

How do we make this work?

You may need to get input on how to make a strategy or analysis work. You may be developing a model that requires some new thinking.

We have probably seen something similar before and can offer useful advice.