Linking brand strategy with your business’ strengths to demonstrate why you are different and offer greater value

Brand communications task setting

Brand strategy and your business

The Communications Profiler helps you automate the task of aligning your business’ marketing challenges with communications tasks.

  • Much time is spent on getting your message and communications channels perfected.
  • But how much time is spent toward ensuring that they are based on the correct communications tasks?
  • Get this part wrong and you risk spending your time and money on communications tasks you do not even need.

We know that setting communications tasks is not easy, or enjoyable.

  • That’s why we have automated the process and built in lots of useful insights.
  • It is based on communications strategists’ experiences, gained over 20 years, across multiple industries.
  • It allows you to complete an online questionnaire, by yourself or with colleagues, so that you can get an instant recommendation on which communications tasks matter most.

Benefits include:

  • A Communications Health Checkup.
  • Smarter communications planning.
  • Getting access to our experience when it suits you.
  • Impartial thinking at your disposal.
  • Ensuring you have considered all communications tasks.
  • Bringing more convenience to the planning process.
  • Maintaining quality thinking across multiple brands, products, and segments.
  • Seeing how communications tasks vary across segments.
  • Handling sensitive issues with greater ease while setting communications tasks.
  • Getting consistent thinking across your team, especially if you have less experienced employees.

Highlighting where your brand is different from competitors and where it offers more value relative to your competitors

Brand strategy and your business

You have probably been in this situation before.

  • You know that demonstrating how your offering is different from that of competitors is essential to demonstrating value and getting sales.
  • But it is often not easy in a commoditized environment where everyone seems to be offering the same thing.

We have had extensive experience across multiple industries and brands doing this over a 20-year period.

  • We can take you through a process of identifying what makes your business unique.
  • Then we can offer suggestions on what needs to be communicated to demonstrate this uniqueness.

We are able to help you identify and understand opportunities to do this, irrespective of whether you are a product or services business.

In addition to communications strategy, our related experience across various other strategy disciplines, including process strategies, pricing strategy, and channel strategy assist us to identify opportunities that may have been missed.

We are available to do this via hourly Skype online consultations.

Just contact us if you are interested.

Brand portfolio strategy


Do you have multiple brands in your portfolio?

Brand portfolio strategies can be used to assist you to gain an advantage over your competitors. We have had substantial experience in this regard over a 20-year period.

We can help you implement brand portfolio strategies that enable you to use your entire brand portfolio to best effect relative to competitors. 

This is particularly relevant since we have discovered that many organizations use a portfolio of brands only as a tool to grow market scope while ignoring their other benefits.

We are available to do this via hourly Skype online consultations.

Just contact us if you are interested.

Is it safe to try this?

Our experience can assist in highlighting challenges you may face in implementing a proposed strategy.

We can often highlight the best place to start to manage risk, including data and skills that are essential for success.

Does it make sense?

Our experience in analytics, communications strategy and pricing strategy for Retail, FMCG, B2B, services and durable goods clients, across 70+ global and local brands adds perspective to your task at hand.

How do we make this work?

You may need to get input on how to make a strategy or analysis work. You may be developing a model that requires some new thinking.

We have probably seen something similar before and can offer useful advice.

Insights from the team.

Some of our deliverables are strongly workshop-based to ensure that the collective knowledge of your team is tapped. It also helps allay concerns that require addressing so that buy-in happens more easily.