The Brand Trust Builder

Concerns you wish to address to show you can be trusted

Brand trust derives from past performance and perceived benevolence. i.e. Being well-meaning and helpful.

The Brand Trust Builder helps you create a string of clues that help you show how your brand is well-meaning and helpful.
These clues highlight your client’s concerns about a variety of perceived risks.
Then you get to show your solutions to those concerns.
These may be concerns that they are currently facing that you can address for them.
Or, concerns about doing business with your organization, your category, or your industry.

It takes the concern, which has an emotional basis around perceived loss. Then it helps you show how you lower that risk.
All in a framework you can transfer to your brand’s communications.
So that the trail of clues you leave behind will create a positive emotional connection.
This means your brand has an easier time getting and keeping clients. And will likely have more pricing power.

Update your list of concerns below. These would be concerns you would want to address in your trust-building messages.

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Brand Trust Builder - Concerns Input List