Easy but powerful. The power of over 1,200 strategies being considered for you in an instant. Right at your fingertips.

The Life Thread Paths Needs Analysis references over 1,200 strategies.

The process you go through and the questions you consider should make the path-building process more productive for you.

It helps you set different priorities for different client segments.

Be sure that you are focusing on priority issues in your Life Thread Path

  • If you are uncertain about information to include, use the Life Thread Paths Needs Analysis. This is a shortened version of The Communications Profiler focusing on 13 communications opportunities instead of the 24 communications opportunities shown in The Communications Profiler.
  • It helps you set different priorities for different client segments.
  • Our algorithm references over 1,200 strategies to help you identify priority opportunities for your specific needs.
  • Each opportunity is explained to you. So you can focus on communicating what is most relevant to your situation.
  • Identify missed communications opportunities that would have cost you sales.
  • Save time by automating the process of identifying priority communications opportunities.
  • Avoid the bias that sometimes affects insights of this nature.
  • Ten Life Thread Paths Needs Analyses are provided with each subscription.

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  • See how we developed a tool to help them address these issues on their own.