Easy-to-understand guidelines for communication opportunities

The Quick Guide to the Life Thread Paths Needs Analysis is set up in a way that saves you time.

It covers thirteen areas of communications strategy.

In an easy-to-understand way.

We’re not all communications specialists.

And we need to understand what the Life Thread Paths Needs Analysis means. In simple English. Fast!

  • The first part of each explanation gives you some background.
  • It is based on over 20 years of communication strategy experience, and many client interactions over that period.
  • The second part of each explanation suggests potential opportunities in a Life Thread Path.
  • Even if you have not run a Needs Analysis, have a look at the Quick Guide below it.
  • Link this thinking to your current content so you can plan for now.
  • It will provide tips on a broad structure and specific issues to consider.
  • Use this to think about opportunities for the future. Even if it is not a priority now.
  • The process you go through and the questions you consider should make the path-building process more productive for you.
  • Remember that you can save the idea as a part of your path, but hide the link until you have content for it.
  • That way, you can visualize your path at the outset, even if you still need to create content for a specific link.