Focused communications for startups or existing businesses.

Craft your messaging even if you have limited content or technical support.

You want to create messaging for your new business.

Or, you are part of a larger organization but wish to avoid having to get technical support every time you wish to alter your messaging.

Have the flexibility to craft your messaging in a way that suits you.

  • Make your messaging more detailed as you create more content. A Life Thread Path helps you map out the big picture of where you want to go to. Then it lets you link your content to that big picture as your relevant content becomes available.
  • A Life Thread Paths Needs Analysis helps you translate your business needs into priority communications. The algorithm behind this leverages over 1,200 strategies so you don’t need to be a communications specialist to identify what to focus on in building your Life Thread Path.
  • In addition, the Life Thread Paths Quick Guide will provide tips on specific issues to consider.
  • If you work within a larger business, you may wish to craft a path that shows a unique story relevant to a specific part of your business. But, you don’t wish to ask for technical support every time you do this.
  • A Life Thread Path helps you connect to any digital content created by your organization, or elsewhere, in a structured format. With headings that you can customize. To get your message out fast.
  • Need to update your story with new links on your Life Thread Path. No problem. It’s as easy as dropping in a new link on your mobile phone and you’re done.