Let your clients find what they need to know. Fast! Then let them explore further at their leisure.

Have you ever tried to research a business and found it took forever to locate relevant information?

Eventually, you may have given up and decided to come back at a later stage.

Or, you just went elsewhere.

A Life Thread Path makes this task easier for your prospective clients.

  • They can be taken down the path of your choosing to see the story you prefer them to see.
  • So they can move on to the next step such as a call-to-action sooner than they normally would. And you have a better chance of getting their business.
  • By providing information in one place, in a bullet point type format, they can scan through what interests them most.
  • Once they know what you do, they may want to know more. For instance, they will look for the things that will appeal to them. So, you will have the opportunity to build some sort of liking or affection for who you are and what you do. Link your Life Thread path to social media posts that will create warmth towards your brand. A link to a video you have created may work as well.
  • Then, they will look for specifics, such as specific features or benefits. Link your Life Thread Path to online product or service information that you have created. Or a demonstration video. Or reviews showing you can be trusted.
  • Then make it easy for them to do something as a next step, a call-to-action. This might be following your brand on social media. Or sign up for an email newsletter. Or get access to a special deal if they buy now!