Lead different clients down different paths. Tell a different story to different segments. So you are relevant.

When time is limited, you need to be relevant. Fast.

Create a different story for each segment.

A Life Thread Path helps you tell the story you want to tell. And provides the information a prospective client needs to hear, quickly and easily.

  • So you are regarded as being empathetic to a client’s needs right from the start.
  • A different Life Thread Path for each segment grows your chances of getting that new business. Because your story can become more interesting and relevant.
  • Useful when selling a specific product or service and you have a lot you want to say or show.
  • Useful when dealing with different segments with different requirements, even if the product or service being discussed is the same.
  • Valuable when justifying price. Especially when you need to explain specific types of value within the product or service that only a specific segment would appreciate. E.g. Priority Service.
  • Valuable when building trust. Talk about the features and processes that make your product or service uniquely reliable.
  • Need to show social proof from more than one source? Add links to reviews that will be most relevant to those you are targeting.
  • Link to the specific product and service options that would be of greatest interest to that specific segment.