See the big picture and plan ahead as you get new ideas. Even if your content is not ready yet.

You can see the big picture. But, you do not have the content to link to. Yet…

We have all faced this problem. Now, you can create your Big Idea and save and improve upon its component parts.

Then you can hide the relevant headings until you have the content to support each one.

We found that clients wanted a place to create a “big picture” of all the links they wished to include in their Life Thread Path. But, they often lacked content to link to in certain key areas.

  • You can now create your Life Thread Path, even if you do not have the content to link to yet.
  • Then, tick on the “Hide this link for now” option where necessary.
  • The specific link and header will now be hidden from view.
  • Once you have content to link to, insert the link and uncheck the “Hide this link for now” option, and your link and heading will show in your Life Thread Path.
  • This option is also useful when you temporarily need to hide a link for content that may already exist, that you wish to hide for now.