Are you leaving money on the table?

What's your value story to get the price you want?

Are you being paid what you feel you deserve? Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you’re probably wondering how to be able to charge more.

You’ve possibly been told to show where you add value to get that higher price or hourly rate. But, is it as easy as that? What are your options to demonstrate added-value to prospective and current clients?

Most of the time, you start by covering the obvious issues around features and benefits, whether you’re selling a product or a service.

That’s easy and traditional. But then? What’s your next step?

It’s often more challenging to hit the right spot in your communications beyond that point. Whether it’s a sales proposal or a social media post.

You may need a game-changer. One that introduces ideas you had not thought of. One that is based on research – that the great salespeople talk about – but may not explain in detail.

You can now develop a value-building framework, online and fast!

That way, you can identify and develop value-building stories. To enhance perceptions of your brand. To be able to charge more.

How should a process to communicate value work?

Whether you’re preparing for a new business proposal or some other form of communication, it should help you to create new ideas based on triggers known to get a result.

It should also allow you to customize these ideas for your circumstances so it’s relevant.

For instance:

  1. The process should be easier and faster by addressing things like concerns that matter to clients. Because you want to be able to raise issues they care about at an emotional level. This helps you become relevant and valued in spaces that competitors may not have considered – and do not own.
  2. It should include checklists to help you along with “proof points”. To make the story around how you add value more credible. With features that help you confirm what you’re saying makes sense. And making you consider how your other products and services work with the benefit you’re describing. So that your message is trusted and differentiated from your competitors.
  3. It needs to focus on the core issues. So that you can say what matters in as few words as possible. So that you do not need to summarize these thoughts at a later stage when it’s time to communicate them. We’ve all been in a situation where we find it difficult to describe the value we’re truly adding in a succinct manner.

Access The Value Story Builder

Available to use anytime you need it.

Useful when you need to come up with new ideas.

Intelligence built-in

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Pull together essential ideas and facts to prove you’re adding value.

Ideas on demand

Pre-built checklists and processes.

To make your task easier, faster, insightful and more comprehensive

Less value = Lower price

If you cannot prove value, you will be paid a lower amount.

This applies to products, services, and brands.

But, it’s more than just talking about features and functional benefits.

Can the client connect with the benefit you’re talking about at an emotional level? Does it matter? Do they even care?

Does it tug at their heartstrings? Or are you just another supplier that will give them the lowest price?

If you can get this right, you could get to charge more.

So, how do you know what to say? And how do you say it?

Access Value Building Ideas

Access a researched list of what people are most concerned about. Then plan a response that shows how you can add value that they care about.

Build Added Value by client segment

Segments vary by what concerns them most. Develop segmented value-added strategies to be relevant and build perceived value faster.

Plan Added Value perceptions easily

You need people to know how you can add value to their lives. We help you identify key talking points. To say what matters most with less effort.

Plugs into your communications strategy

Structured in a way that helps you drop these ideas into whatever communication you are planning. Speak less but say more!

Where you can use The Value Story Builder

New business proposal

Create a structure to show how you add value in ways that will matter. Add in the proof.  Work on the best messaging to sell it.

Sponsored ads

Topics that you know could get a response from your prospective customers at an emotional level through value-adding solutions.

Unpaid posts

Address issues of concern that impact on perceived value-adds when prospects and clients read your posts.

Video content

Demonstrate that you can address specific concerns so that you can build perceived value amongst your followers.


Lead nurturing content that allows you to get closer to a sale by showing that you keep adding value in key areas.

Website content

Address issues of concern that impact on perceived value when prospects compare you to competitors on your website.

Live streaming topics / Webinars

Demonstrate that you can address specific concerns live so you can build the perception of someone who adds value.


Show the benefits and rationale for the implementation of a solution that builds value where it matters.

The research behind this

How we make the task easier for you

We have worked on over 70 global and local B2C and B2B brands over a period of over 20 years. Clients have included Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries.

When consulting with them in the areas of brand development, sales development, and loyalty development, perceived value versus price was always an issue. We had to find ways to show how our clients’ value-added solutions exceeded the price they were charging.

We researched the topic and combined it with our own experience to define 33 concerns that people typically have. These may be concerns that they are currently facing where your solution can add value. Alternatively, they may be concerns they have about doing business with your organization, your category, or your industry. In this case, you can show how you add value by lessening these concerns.

Getting this to work from strategy to execution

How we make the process easier for you

Having a great idea to build value does not help if you do not execute the idea.

To this end, we have built-in a process to make this easier. So that you can identify areas of opportunity, and approach them with a practical communication.

Each of the 33 areas where you could build value includes 4 examples. That will help you get started to customize this for your own situation.

Then we take you through a process of a few questions for each value-building opportunity. Designed by a strategist, it assists you to think through how value is created in ways that matter to clients. There are also checklists included making this process faster and more comprehensive.

How it Works

Define the options you prefer before starting

Add in the name of the product or service for you wish to define a variety of value-adds.

Choose from a detailed list of concerns you could address with value-added features

Go through the list of what concerns people most. Then choose the concern you wish to address with a solution.

Explain the direction you will be taking

Show how the concern would apply to your business practices, or the challenges a client faces.

Explain the solution you could apply

What form would your solution take? Use this to structure the wording you will use to explain the value your solution provides.

Focus on the core of your solution

Summarize your solution. This is important when developing headlines that attract attention.

Choose the range of emotions you would want to inspire

An emotional benefit outweighs a functional benefit when it comes to differentiation from competitors.

Rate the appeal of the value-add you are proposing

Since you will come up with a variety of ideas, you can rank opportunities to know what to focus on.

Keep track of the value added.

There’s space to capture and add up your minimum, most likely and maximum value estimates for each value-adding solution.

Choose the communications channels you will use

Check off the channels you are using to communicate this. This helps identify the messaging in place.

Save your work

Save your draft in case you need to do this over more than one session.

View your results instantly

Once you have submitted your input, you have your results.

Export your results

Export your result so you can view it and share it.

Some frequently asked questions.

Will this do my entire communications job for me?

No. You still need to customize your thinking for your specific situation. But, it does do a lot of the heavy lifting for you to make this customization process easier.

Is this approach realistic?

After developing communications strategies for over 20 years, we wish we could have had this tool at the outset. Several insights were developed over this period:

  1. A good framework is essential to develop many ideas and do it faster.
  2. Most of our clients found it easy to customize for their situation. But they needed a practical process to work within areas where they lacked expertise.

There are over 120 examples to draw inspiration from. Each example was drawn from experience when consulting with our clients (You can see a list of a few of the industries we have consulted to over the last 20 years at the bottom of the page.)

Is the list of concerns comprehensive?

Much effort has gone into developing this list. Anything can be improved upon over time. But we are certain that this will give you ideas for many communications opportunities to build trust.

What do I do with the results once I have them?

We are strong believers in executing on an idea.

Until a communications idea is executed, it remains just that – an idea.

To this end, we have created a framework containing the essentials we know you need for good communication.

You can then export this information and either work with it yourself, or pass it onto the people managing your communications. We know that they would appreciate the information rather than spending hours trying to develop it.

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