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Setting up The Value Story Builder

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Start off by customizing the options that will be available to you when using The Value Story Builder
There are six categories to choose from
The idea is to be able to use terms specific to your own business when going through this process
You will find any previous customizations listed here
If you need to change anything just click on the appropriate option
Useful when referencing a particular product, service or category
Can use this to show the synergistic effects across your product and service portfolio
Define your client or prospect segments where you will add value
Could be an individual, a business or a persona that you have created
Important when ensuring that the value you are creating is relevant
Some segments will appreciate a value-add idea while others will not
Linking a functional benefit to emotion is useful
It helps to differentiate your brand and possibly get a price premium
An extensive list of emotions has been prepared for you to choose from
Tying a value-added offer to an emotional outcome also makes it easier to sell
You can also add in an emotion that is not already listed
After using this process you may also better appreciate the specific emotions you wish to create
You will also want proof points to justify the claims you are making
This is often regarded as a particularly difficult part of the process
To make it easier for you, there is an existing list to choose from
This should help speed up the process for you, especially for newer businesses
The choices that are already set up cover products and services 
They have been refined over a period of time to be as comprehensive as possible
You also need to consider where your value-add message is communicated
A variety of digital and non-digital media channels are already included to consider
You may also wish to include groups that you are targeting
Value-based differentiation may vary depending on the group being communicated with
Your idea for adding value should pass certain tests before it is considered
Do other people like your idea? Is it competitive? Is it unique? Is it valued?
This is a start. You may have other metrics in mind
Add in your own criteria to help determine whether the idea is viable to consider at all

Using The Value Story Builder

Get started
Confirm your payment for the service
Input basic details
Useful to find the information for future edits
Define who it is aimed at
Define products or services involved
You may find your options are limited
Update your options if necessary
Choose the concern that provides a value-add opportunity
There are 33 choices to work with that are based on research
Show empathy and show you understand the problem
Explain why your idea would add value to address the concern you have specified
You should back up your claim so that it is perceived as being credible 
Choose one or more of the extensive range of options available to you
You plan to add value to address a specific concern
Tying that to an emotional outcome is powerful and useful for messaging purposes
Identify the product or service involved with providing a solution
If you offer multiple products or services, consider a portfolio approach to be unique and valued
Try to assess whether the idea has merit through a variety of approaches
Identify the messaging channels that have or will be used for communications
Rate how good this idea is versus your other ideas
If you have numbers at your disposal, consider a quantitative approach
You may want to move between the review and the previous step
Your work is now presented in a tidy format for review and editing
Review and edit from this screen
This is where the clarity of your thinking becomes apparent
Screenshot 2020-07-28 10.48.06
Use this for quality control purposes
Read through this with colleagues for input before submitting it
Screenshot 2020-07-28 10.48.20
You will notice how many ideas you have created at the bottom of the page
This is useful when creating a variety of communications ideas for later use
Screenshot 2020-07-28 11.10.51
After submitting your ideas,  you will be able to download them as a CSV file
You can also edit your data as long as you have access. See access details in our store 
Screenshot 2020-07-28 10.54.12