The Value Story Builder

Concerns you wish to address to show where and how you are adding value

A brand’s products, services, policies, and processes that lower risk create value for a client.

The Value Story Builder helps you create a string of clues to show where and how that value is created.
To show how doing business with your brand reduces various types of risk.
So that you can show are adding more value. So that you can justify your price or charge more.

These clues highlight your client’s concerns about a variety of perceived risks. Then you get to show your solutions to those concerns.
These may be concerns that they are currently facing that you can address for them.
Or, concerns about doing business with your organization, your category, or your industry.

It takes the concern, which has an emotional basis around perceived loss.
Then it helps you show how you lower that risk.
It also helps you show the emotional and financial benefits of the solution you provide.
All in a framework you can transfer to your brand’s communications. Even if it’s a new business proposal.
So that the trail of clues you leave behind will create a positive emotional connection.
So that you can elevate the perceived value of your brand.
This means your brand has an easier time getting and keeping clients. And can do this with more pricing power.

Update the list of concerns you wish to address to add value to your clients.
Please use the “UPDATE” button at the bottom of this page to return to the customization page, even if you did not make any updates.

Value Story Builder - Concerns Input List