What is a Life Thread Path?

Are you trying to sell products or services that are complicated to explain?

Finding the process cumbersome and frustrating?

If you have some persuasive content stored digitally, you can start the process.

Create up to 10 pathways, each with 30 links, where clients can access all they need to know about your business

  • Save time by connecting to your existing web content. For instance, Reasons to choose you, Articles, and social media posts that demonstrate credibility and can attract leads, Photos, videos, certificates, and reviews to provide explanations and proof of ability, Location, contact details, and much more.
  • Use these to create a pathway to lead your clients down. To get your message across.
  • Map out your vision for what you want to say to clients, and make it happen.
  • Access our DIY tools to overcome your inertia of starting. Free access to The Value Story Builder makes this easier for you to develop ideas. Free access to The Brand Trust Builder makes this easier for you to develop ideas.
  • Customize each path for different segments with different requirements, even if the product or service being discussed is the same.

Not sure? Need more information?

  • Learn more about similar issues we faced with a variety of clients over a number of years.
  • See how we developed a tool to help them address these issues on their own.

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