Emotional Sticking Points

Customers often do not buy from you for emotional reasons. These are concerns that they may not share with you.

This tool helps you to link commonly occurring concerns with ways to address them.

When you need to make a case in your communications to show how you can credibly address a prospect’s concerns. This is essential to attract prospects and move them through the sales funnel.

Where you need sufficient relevant content to approach prospects cold, or via retargeting to grow your influence.

The Communications Profiler

Translate your marketing challenges into priority communications jobs and channels. Instantly.

The Communications Profiler consists of the Communications Task Profiler and Communications Media Channel Profiler.

The Communications Task Profiler that takes you through an online series of questions designed to better understand your communications challenges. This is customized to address your specific requirements and save you time. It then identifies your priority communications tasks.

The Communications Media Channel Profiler converts these priority communications tasks into a road map you can implement. The best media channel choices are then presented to you with a score (higher is better).

The Communications Profiler is also useful if you simply want to do a quick Health Check on your current communications priorities.

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