You get to say a lot. Up to 30 links in each path. Add or remove as you wish.

A persuasive message may mean you need to cover a variety of issues.

Each Life Thread Path allows you to have up to 30 headings and associated links.

So you can say what needs to be said. When you are ready to say it. Easily.

Have the ability to shape your story as you add more detail over time. So you can keep improving.

Say what you need to say. With up to 30 headings and associated links. Include any of the following as long as they can be accessed digitally via a link:

  • Reasons to choose you (Why you add value and how you are different from competitors.)
  • Articles and social media posts that demonstrate credibility and can attract leads.
  • Photos, videos, certificates, and reviews to provide explanations and proof of ability.
  • Location, contact details, and much more.